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What is this?

This open source tool lets you easily create so-called Ariadne Profiles, online passport-like profiles that help you prove which online accounts are yours.

People can then use tools like or the Keyoxide mobile app to verify those online passports.

To create your own profile:

  1. Click the "Create a new profile" button
  2. Click the "Reveal secret key" button and securely store the secret key! This secret key is like a password and you will need it every time you want to edit your profile!
  3. Enter a name (can be real or fake) for your profile and optionally add a description to your profile.
  4. Add an identity claim by selecting a service you use and following the instructions.
  5. Click the "Save and upload profile" button.

Your profile should now be visible on the Keyoxide website and apps!

Note that some identity claims may require some time before they are being shown as verified.

Security considerations

This is a website and browsers are not the best place to enter personal sensitive information. This tool was designed to be as careful as possible: it does not store information in the browser and will only send the profile to the server you choose.

But it's still a website in a browser. There are multiple ways of dealing with this.

Just use and trust the tool (basic)

Thank you for trusting us to handle your information. Please remember that the internet is full of untrustworthy people, be careful out there.

Use the tool with caution (advanced)

You could open your browser's Dev Tools to inspect this web app and make sure it doesn't store or leak information. You can also inspect the tool's source code.

Use locally or host on your own server (expert)

You could clone the tool's source code and build it, so that you can use it locally or host it on your own server.

Use the CLI (expert)

Instead of this online tool, you could install the open source CLI which is not as easy to use but is more secure.

About ASPs

Ariadne Signature Profile are the answer to one of Keyoxide's most requested feature: creating and managing profiles without having to use the terminal or OpenPGP.


ASPs are still a work-in-progress! Feel free to join the discussion on the Matrix channel, the forum or reach out on the Fediverse.